So I have been waiting for a good time to share the news with all of you! ❤️
A week after the competition for Miss World Canada 2017 I was asked to compete at Miss Earth Canada 2017, directed and organized by Ronaldo Soriano Trono. I have been traveling a lot, haven't been able to sleep, and haven't been eating properly, BUT I want to say how AMAZING the experience has been. It was totally worth it; I have learned A LOT and I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to compete at Miss Earth Canada and further strengthen my passion for the environment and my platform. Thank you Ronaldo for all of your Hard work, thank you Natalie for always watching out for us and taking care of all the girls like your own daughter and thank you Mama Norma for sharing your experience and waiting for Kristi and I when we were late! 😋 
So much happened in the past two weeks which I will make a video and talk about it all, but I just wanted to share how amazing Miss Earth Canada was and I truly miss every one of you.
Congratulations my beautiful Jacqueline for winning the title of Miss Earth Canada 2017, I'm so glad we became friends ❤️
I am honoured to have received the title of Miss Earth British Columbia 2017 as well as the Best Hair award, thank you Fariba Beik joon e azizam for my haircut and being my official sponsor 💕  A very Special Thank you to Son Trang Mai for doing my hair and making me feel like a princess 🌸 Thank you JP Louis ~ TOSCA Style for sponsoring Miss Earth Canada  and my gifts. I absolutely LOVE your products and my hair feels so much healthier . 
Thank you After Five Fashion and Jonathan's for sponsoring me with my evening gown, I made it to the top 5.
Most importantly, thank you to every single one of you for being by my side and supporting me through my journey. Your messages, comments, prayers mean the world to me.
I love you lots and stay tuned for my video 🙂

2017/08/20 10:36 AM